Myprotein Discount Codes

Who Are Myprotein?

Myprotein is Europe’s biggest retailer of sporting supplements.

Its products combine high-quality, ‘no bullshit’ ingredients with an honest approach and industry-leading value for money.

In 2013 Myprotein also expanded to the US market.


What Products Do Myprotein Sell?

Myprotein’s bestselling products are their supplements which are targeted at bodybuilders and weightlifters.

These include Impact Whey Protein and Impact Whey Isolate, Total Protein, Instant Oats, Creatine Monohydrate, True Whey, BCAA, and the all-in-one supplement Hurricane XS.

Their range is extensive, catering for a huge array of fitness goals, lifestyles, and sporting disciplines.

The History Of Myprotein

Cast your mind back to 2004:

Britney Spears was married twice, the world saw Janet Jackson’s boob at the Superbowl halftime show, Bush was re-elected, and a tsunami killed around a quarter of a million people in South Asia.

Not the best of years, on the face of it.

However, something very important and auspicious was happening in Manchester, England.

A young man by the name of Oliver Cookson founded a company called Myprotein with just £500.

The company was launched with humble beginnings in Cookson’s garage but the business soon grew via word of mouth.

Cookson and Myprotein began netting a flurry of reviews, including Young Company of the Year in 2007.

In 2011 Cookson sold Myprotein to the Hut Group for the reported sum of £58m.

Why Should I Shop At Myprotein?

Myprotein are perhaps the biggest name in sporting nutrition in Europe and the UK.

Their supplements are favoured by big names, personal trainers, sporting stars, students… just about everyone.

The products boast a refreshing lack of marketing hype and hyperbole and instead rely on just awesome and effective ingredients.

Myprotein’s prices are also some of the lowest around.

And, importantly, they are able to provide these super low prices without scrimping on standards one iota. 

Rest assured, once you shop at Myprotein for your supplements you WILL NOT want to shop anywhere else.

And that’s a guarantee!

What Is A Myprotein Discount Code?

Do you love cheap protein?

I bet I’ve got your attention now, eh!

A Myprotein discount code is something which can help people who shop at the Myprotein website save money when they order.

These codes typically include discounts such as 10% and 20% off your order in addition to super awesome offers such as ‘Free Mystery Gifts’, ‘Free Protein’, ‘Free UK Delivery’, or ‘Free headphones’.

In the past, we’ve even seen Myprotein voucher codes which can help shoppers save more than 50% when they shop online.

How amazing is that!?

Usually these Myprotein discount codes have certain stipulations, such as a minimum spend of £30 or that you need to be a new customer to Myprotein.

Also, watch out for the expiry dates on these codes as they do not last forever, usually just a week.

How To Use Your Myprotein Discount Code

The good news here is that you don’t need to jump through a load of inconvenient hoops to claim your discount.

It’s a very simple process to follow – so much so even Wayne Rooney could do it!

You just need to apply your code when you reach the Myprotein checkout screen and your discount will be implemented straight away.

Please refer to the screenshot below to see where exactly on the checkout screen you should apply your Myprotein voucher code:


Myprotein Discount Codes